From its small beginning, Chuck's Landscape Management Inc. has grown into what Chuck calls a "Big-Small Business." We contribute our growth to God's blessing. We always strive to be professional and supply first class workmanship and materials to all our clients. We strongly believe that the "Golden-Rule" applies in all situations, especially when the situation includes clients, vendors or employees.

Chuck Koll was interested in the green industry at a young age when he started working in greenhouses transplanting flowers. Chuck learned and grew in his love for landscaping and gardening and continued his formal education at Michigan State University. He graduated from the Michigan State University Landscape/Nursery program in 1980. Chuck has many years of experience in the industry and has a great love for relationships with the people he serves. In 1983 Chuck, with support and encouragement from his future father in law, Roger Buist, purchased a small landscape management company where Chuck's wife Lori served as Office Manager. 

Chuck's sons Eric and Michael started working for the family business at an early age working part time during the school year and in the summer on lawn crews. Over the last several years Eric and Michael have grown into leadership positions along with Eric's wife Ashley who works in the office. Recently Chuck's daughter Renee has returned to the family business and operates as Office Manager. 

Chuck's Landscape Management Inc. provides a wide range of services including Landscape Management (once it's installed we take care of it), Fertilization, Landscape Design and Installation, Snowplowing and De-icing. Chuck's Landscape Management Inc. services the West Michigan Area. 

As Chuck and Lori gradually move to the next phase of their life and as they are involved in activities that they are passionate about, Chucks Landscape Management Inc is well positioned to be led by the next generation of family members. Chuck and Lori are excited about Chuck’s Landscape Management Inc's future.